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Anheiser Busch Thinks You’re Stupid

Drinking Beer - Budweiser Commercial

Budweiser Commitment Commercial - Click To Watch

There was recently a Budweiser commecial touting Anheiser Busch’s “commitment” to beer. It proclaimed Budweiser’s committment to tradition by brewing it’s flagship Bud beer in the same manner for over 130 years. “130 Years!” It emphasized. As someone with a bit of international beer experience, this statement had me in stitches.

In the last decade or so there has been an enormous surge of micro-brews in the US. This is fantastic to us beer lovers living in the states. With the giant growth of delicious domestic beers, I find myself buying American more and more.

Naturally there are people out there who disapprove of this increase in complex, flavorful, and full bodied beers on our liquor store shelves. Not people like you and me, but people who have a stake in the US beer market. Namely Anheiser Busch and Coors, among others.

An American beer is traditionally a pale lager. Now Americans are finding there is so much more to beer, it’s not the drink of the savages as the Romans convinced so many. We’re finding beer to be a complex beverage with as much to offer as any wine. This has lead to some pretty hilarious marketing techniques by Anheiser Busch. They’re grasping as straws, trying to get you back to enjoying Budweiser.

Commitment? 100 years of brewing experience is a drop in the bucket of brewing experience across the world. Even the German town of Budweis, from which Anheiser Busch stole the name, began brewing the real Budweiser in 1795. The micro-brews know 100 years is nothing, Coors, and Anheiser Busch know it too, but their marketing teams are counting on you, the american people, not knowing it.


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3 Responses to “Anheiser Busch Thinks You’re Stupid”

  1. Toaster Says:

    For another take on this commercial, visit Pointless Planet:

  2. Bar Reviews Says:

    I still like to drink a Bud from time to time, but for the most part I think I have outgrown the watered down taste. I find myself enjoying darker beer more and more.

  3. Michael Wallace Says:

    Do you mind if I quote your writing in my Thesis paper? I think your topic suits my audience perfectly. Well, thanks for writing this.

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