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Anheiser Busch Thinks You’re Stupid

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Drinking Beer - Budweiser Commercial

Budweiser Commitment Commercial - Click To Watch

There was recently a Budweiser commecial touting Anheiser Busch’s “commitment” to beer. It proclaimed Budweiser’s committment to tradition by brewing it’s flagship Bud beer in the same manner for over 130 years. “130 Years!” It emphasized. As someone with a bit of international beer experience, this statement had me in stitches.


The Worlds Most Expensive Beers

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Craft beers are all the rage in the states. Beers that are meant to be savored, enjoyed, maybe even stored in theDrinking Beer - Sam Adams Utopia cellar for a while. This new phenominon may be due to diminishing beer sales, or maybe it’s just a new niche market to exploit. Either way, craft beers have surfaced which offer a new sophistication to the beer lover… as well as a much larger price tag. Some examples:

  • Michelob brews “Celebrate” which goes for $10 per bottle and comes in at 10% alcohol by volume.
  • The “Stone Imperial Russian Stout” from Stone Brewing is $9 per bottle at 10.8% alcohol by volume.
  • Dogfish Head makes “Fort” for $16 per bottle which contains 18.5% alcohol by volume.


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