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W elcome to DrinkingBeer.net. We aim to provide a picture of the state of beer in the Past and Present. The constantly changing content will teach you everything the Beer Drinker needs to know.
Drinking Beer Alcohol Content Beer Alcohol Content

    Before you order another one, check out that beers alcohol content. Learn how to estimate alcohol content. This could really help out while your at the pub.

Drinking Beer Shopping Beer Shopping

    You can't truly enjoy a good beer if it isn't in the right glass, or if you can't open the bottle. Check out DrinkingBeer.net's shopping for beer glass, bottle openers, brewing equipment, and much more.

Drinking Beer Articles Beer Articles

    Articles about beer! Each article provides insight into a new aspect of Beer. Learn about everything pertaining to beer. From the How to Make Beer to more than you ever wanted to know about The Beer Belly. Its all here!

Drinking Beer Reviews Beer Reviews

    Open reviews of beer, tell us what you think. Find out what others think of the beers in your fridge. Tell us about you favorite beers, and why you like them so much.

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    Links to some other beer sites. While we hope you find everything you could ever want to know about beer on DrinkingBeer.net, we realize that you actually won't. You can find the rest at these sites.

B efore you get too far along you might need an Introduction to Beer. Check out some of the background information. Here are a few articles that will give you some neccessary understanding and respect for the Beer.
     Beer History - The history of beer is far longer than you would guess. Who invented Beer? Why do monks make Beer? Learn all about it.
     Tasting Beer - What the heck is "mouth-feel"? Find out. Learn how to taste, and evaluate delicious beer.
     Beer Types - What's the difference between an Ale and a Lager? What about a Lambic? Learn about all the beer types.